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Hotels - Monemvasia - Agricultural Hotel Liotrivi

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Built by Veli Passa, Ali Passas of Ioannina second son, during the years 1807-1812, when he was the commander of Peloponnisos, it was used as a seraglio, which accommodated Passa and his attendants during the Turkish occupation. After the liberation of the area in July 1821, it was passed down to Dimitri Ritsos family ( the renowned Greek poets Yiannis Ritsos grandfather). This was the house where the poet Yiannis Ritsos spent his childhood and teenage summers, in the years 1909-1926, before he went to Athens to study at university. The ground floor of the mansion, which was converted into an oil-mill during the first years of the Greek liberation, continued operating until 1960.

THE OIL-MILL (Liotrivi)

This mansion was completely renovated in 2008 and with the addition of 5 more buildings of traditional architecture, it operates as follows:

An AGRICULTURAL HOTEL where you can stay in an authentic traditional site surrounded by the beauties of nature and combine your holiday with thematic tourism.

A MUSEUM where you can visit the old oil-mill and see how it used to be and operate in the past, be guided around the site and see old pieces of machinery close up in the original place where they used to work and learn about the methods and techniques which were applied for the production of oil till 1960. In addition, in the same site, traditional products of our village are exhibited.

TRADITIONAL RESTAURANT: here you can taste the traditional cuisine of Peloponnisos with home-made dishes cooked according to traditional recipies and made with natural, healthy ingredients from our village.

A WINE CELLAR where there is a wide variety of Monemvasia wines for you to taste. You are given the chance to travel back in the history of Monemvasias wine and become acquainted with its special taste and rich colour.

POETRY (Yiannis Ritsos) The top floor of the mansion is dedicated to our great poet and his work. Here, in the same rooms where Ritsos was inspired and began writing his poems, you can read some of his works from our complete collection and, if you want, buy a book reminiscent of your visit. Also, you can enjoy your coffee on the famous Liakoto, which our poet loved so much and which he never forgot to mention in his poems.
«το Λιακωτό που κοίταζες και δίχως να χορταίνεις ’ρμεγες με τα μάτια σου το φως της οικουμένης»

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Agricultural Hotel Liotrivi Agricultural Hotel Liotrivi Agricultural Hotel Liotrivi

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