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Hotels - Aristi - Aristi's Mansion

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Where the primary element of nature meets the human need of moving into enclaves, a pile of settlements climbed in the unique landscape of the national park canyon Vikos-Aoos.

In the most central of these residential enclaves, in Aristi, gifted with a privileged view to the canyon of Vikos and the mountains of Astraka, is one of the most representative traditional hotels of the Zagori area, the mansion of Aristi.

The hotel is located in a distinctive way to the aesthetic impositions of the past, opening passages for a more refined and hospitable habitation to the present, adapted to a more timely and timeless version.

That recommends the special identity of this traditional house which permeates the stylized models, and seems to draws its own character.

Centre of gravity the old mansion of 1800 is surrounded by 3 new buildings in harmony with the dominant.

With few interventions the old mansion invites the visitors to experience and feel the qualities of the area, which although they seem unfamiliar, they are present.

In the new buildings of the complex, the style distinctive changes, with the facilities combined with the needs of today.

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Aristi's Mansion Aristi's Mansion Aristi's Mansion

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